Mr Nirmal Sethia, the Chairman of Newby Teas and the collector behind The Chitra Collection, is passionate about reviving tea culture. This elephant teapot is featured on the Newby Masala Chai pack and is one of 8 new teapots that he has personally designed.

This elephant teapot was inspired by India’s diverse culture. Traditionally, the elephant was a symbol of the family, and so here Mr Sethia has chosen to show a mother elephant and a smaller baby elephant. Elephants are highly revered animals in Indian culture, used by Royals during public appearances and by men as they process to their wedding ceremony.

This teapot is made of silver with enamel, decorated with rubies and emeralds; the trunks encrusted with ‘Fancy Intense Yellow Diamonds’ and a yellow topaz pineapple finial. Playfully, the mother elephant head forms the handle and the baby elephant’s trunk forms the spout.