The Chitra Collection at Chiswick House


On 21st-22nd April 2018, in celebration of National Tea Day, a number of objects from the Chitra Collection were displayed in the Upper Tribunal at Chiswick House, offering visitors an opportunity to explore the global history of tea. Through a selection of some of the finest and most historically significant pieces in the collection, the exhibition shed light on tea culture in China, Japan, Europe, America and Russia from the 12th to the 21st century.

Highlights of the exhibition included a rare Chinese Song Dynasty (960-1279) tea bowl used in the celebrated doucha ceremonies, in which participants would compete to produce the best frothy tea, and a miniature porcelain tea set by the famous porcelain factory Sèvres, which were often used to teach young aristocratic women how to make and serve tea. Other highlights included a beautiful set of utensils made in the workshop of the celebrated Russian silversmith, and former serf, Pavel Ovchinnikov and a teapot that once belonged to Admiral Nelson, the hero of the Battle of Trafalgar. The objects in the exhibition demonstrated the historical importance of tea as well as the evolution of the design and craftsmanship of teawares.

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Admiral Nelson’s teapot, silver, wood, ivory, by R&D Hennell, England, 1799-1802

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