Exhibition at the National Museum of Kazakhstan


In 2015, the first public exhibition of The Chitra Collection was held at the National Museum of Kazakhstan in Astana. The grand opening of the exhibition was attended by a number of prominent figures from business, politics and international affairs, who joined our Founder, Nirmal Sethia, and his family, to appreciate a selection of almost 100 of its notable pieces. Attracting in excess of 400,000 visitors, the exhibition’s 3-month residency was warmly received. People from all over the world came to view the collection and learn more about the fascinating history of tea. Here are some of their visitors’ comments:

“Beautiful exhibit. Very impressive. Thank you so much for this”.

“What a wonderful collection. I am so happy that the museum is able to show it. Thank you to all who helped bring it here and display it”.

“Thank you so much for such an opportunity – to see all these brilliant things!”

“It was a great pleasure to see this amazing exhibition. Thank you for sharing these masterpieces with a tea-loving country like Kazakhstan. We wish to see this exhibition more worldwide”.