Teapot and stand

ARTIST / MAKER: Esaias Busch III (maker)
Johann Wagenknecht (maker)
DATE: 1719-1723 (made)
PLACE: Augsburg (made)
MATERIALS AND TECHNIQUES: Silver, with wooden handle and finial

The style and shape of this teapot was being produced in Augsburg, Germany in the first quarter of the 18th century. The pear-shaped body is very similar in form to a standard shape that was being used at the Meissen porcelain manufactory during this period and demonstrates the strong links that existed between ceramic and silver production. As silver conducts heat, silversmiths often had to substitute elements such as the handle and the finial on the lid for wood or other materials such as ivory. The tip of the S-shaped spout is reminiscent of a dragon’s head, a shape which derives from Chinese export wares and, again, was used at Meissen. Johann Wagenknecht became a master goldsmith in 1716 while Esaias Busch III became a master goldsmith in 1704. He was married to Catharina Barbara, the daughter of goldsmith Johann Busch I.