ARTIST / MAKER: Meissen porcelain factory (manufacturer)
DATE: ca. 1745 (made)
PLACE: Germany (made)
MATERIALS AND TECHNIQUES: Porcelain painted in overglaze enamels and gilt

As the fashion for Chinoiserie designs declined in Europe, the painting of naturalistic elements of flowers, fruits, and insects on Meissen porcelain became prominent from the 1730s. The depiction of butterflies and other insects, such as ants and flies, copied from coloured engravings, occur frequently on Meissen porcelain from 1749.

The wishbone handle and bird mask spout were popular elements on Meissen teapots from 1730-1760. The handle developed from the classic rounded handles as more sculptural pieces became fashionable with buyers, and included a scrolling thumbpiece at the top for ease of use.