Tea and coffee set

ARTIST / MAKER: Robert Hennell III (maker)
DATE: 1856-1857 (made)
PLACE: London (made)

By the 19th century, tea was firmly established as the national drink of Britain and taken by all classes of society at breakfast, lunch and dinner. This tea and coffee set by Robert Hennell III is in an octagonal form, with repoussé foliate decoration and matting to create a textured surface, typical Victorian styles influenced by the Gothic revival movement. Although the crest featured on each piece was granted to Kenricke Edisbury of Merthwele co. Denbigh, it was also used by a family of Edgebury alias Wilkinson of Dartford, Kent without permission. The Hennell silversmithing line dates back to 1728 when the mark of David Hennell I was entered, grandfather of Robert. Specialising in small domestic silver objects, particularly for drinking and dining, Robert joined the family company in 1817, and took over when his father retired in 1833.