Kettle and stand

ARTIST / MAKER: Arnoldus van Essen (maker) kettle
Lucas van Giffen II (maker) stand
DATE: 1744-45 (made) Kettle
1778-79 (made) stand
PLACE: Groningen (made)
MATERIALS AND TECHNIQUES: Silver with raffia-covered handle

The hexagonal body of this silver kettle is reminiscent of mid-17th century Dutch silverware. Fixed, upright handles as seen on this example were likely inspired by earlier Chinese porcelain teapots, although the scrolled silver supports incorporating volutes and acanthus leaves are European in taste. The hexagonal body is sparsely engraved with shells, foliage, tassels, strapwork and decorative drapery, known as lambrequins. The kettle would have rested on a matching stand, which was lost and replaced by a later example marked for the Dutch silversmith Lucas Van Giffen II (1751-1791). The pierced decoration and cast shell feet cleverly mirror the kettle’s ornament. Van Giffen II came from a family of respected silversmiths and became a master in 1772. During his career he was a highly regarded craftsman and in 1782 was commissioned by the city of Groningen to manufacture a silver box engraved with the city coat of arms.