Hot water urn

ARTIST / MAKER: Esaias Busch III (maker)
DATE: 1736-1737 (made)
PLACE: Augsburg (made)

Augsburg in Germany was a leading centre of silver production in the 18th century, elevated with wealth originating in Roman times from its location as a main trading route with Europe. This growing prosperity enabled affluent powerful families to become patrons of gold and silver art objects and the city became known for its high-quality silver and silversmiths.

Esaias Busch III was a highly regarded silversmith in Augsburg in the early 18th century. The son of Jeremiah Busch, he was born in Augsburg in 1676. He became a master goldsmith in 1704 and married Catharina Barbara, the daughter of the goldsmith Carl Schuch, in the same year.

The ribbed surface design is typical of silver being produced in Augsburg at this time, and the pear shape, similar to forms being produced by the Meissen manufactory, is a style often utilised by Busch, demonstrating the strong links between ceramic and silver production.