Cup and saucer

ARTIST / MAKER: Coalport Porcelain Factory (maker)
DATE: 1900-1920 (made)
PLACE: England (made)
MATERIALS AND TECHNIQUES: Porcelain, gilt with enamel decoration

Coalport was one of the finest porcelain manufactories in England, specialising in the production of elaborately decorated wares which emulated Rococo, French and Chinese forms and decoration. The factory was ideally situated near rich deposits of coal, which provided fuel for the kilns, and near the River Severn, which enabled the factory to ship in heavy raw materials and dispatch finished goods. Although some of Coalport’s wares were made for a local market, many of their more elaborate pieces were sold to major London retailers. The porcelain of this cup and saucer has been completely encased in gold leaf, and is finely decorated with enamel dots. The small size indicates that it is a demitasse cup and saucer, used to serve Turkish coffee or espresso.